Artistic Techniques and Methods in Graphic Design

Art is always about creativity. Indeed, there’s a huge expectation of creativity in art. It always requires something fresh, new and out of the ordinary from the artist, beside the perfection on their skill. The similar thing is also applied in graphic design. Moreover, graphic design is used mostly in daily life with more interaction to the people. It means that the design must the out of ordinary, but still be able to reach for common people.

Graphic design may be rooted back to visual art, but it’s mostly used for business. Unlike those high end artworks that are on display in art galleries, graphic design is more subtle and down to earth. Combining artistic skills and methods with technology, graphic design is meant to become visual representation of certain message and ideas. Afterall, graphic design is mostly used in promotional branding of products and it’s needed to grab people’s attention.

There are various elements involved in graphic design creation. It combines images and typing. Also, shape, color, and even space of each element is carefully assembled to create a fresh design. The choice of color and material is other thing that need to be taken serious as it can bring a totally different touch to the design.


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