Communication Form Through Visual Design

When it comes to art, every artist uses their artwork to communicate their idea to the world. It can be quite hidden in top of the world artworks, but graphic design works should be able to show the idea explicitly. This is why graphic design is called as visual communication as it has to say something through visual design.

It’s common for the designer to use and combine various art methods and techniques to create a design that can get people’s attention. Afterall, this is the main intention of the creation of graphic design. It’s used in advertisement and branding purposes. Looking around, you can find large number of examples for graphic design. Logo of products make the simplest example of the use of graphic design. You can see on those logos the combination of typing, images, and page layout techniques to create something that truly looks good to the eyes.

Graphic design is mostly used for advertisement. It helps to create positive branding of the product. It combines the process of design with communication, which makes it called as visual communication. With various design techniques, different materials, images, color, and shapes are all composed to create some new design.


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